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Learning Style Survey
Ms. Woodside's Homepage
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Welcome to Ms. Woodside's Homepage
Bunsen Burner and chemicals Navigators Science Teacher
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I am Ms. Woodside, the Chemistry teacher at Robert A. Taft High School. I have previous experience in the health care industry, and have been teaching many areas of science for several years.
It is essential that every student have
  • a 2" 3-ring binder
  • tabbed dividers
  • graph paper
  • scientific calculator (doesn't have to be a graphing calculator)
  • lined paper

    Students use this notebook the entire year. We continue to build on prior knowledge, so even the first couple of units of study are relevant at the end of the year. They should bring their notebook and their book to class every day, and they should bring their notebook home every night as they are expected to complete any classwork and they are to study their notes for 15-20 minutes every day.

    Students have been given a Periodic Table and must keep that throughout the year. They are permitted to use this for some tests. If they have lost their copy, they may print their own. Click on Ms. Woodside's Classroom Links below to get to the approved periodic table we use in class.

    All students take a Learning Styles Survey, which they are to keep in their Miscellaneous Section. They choose at least one of the learning strategies for their particular learning style. If they need to take the survey again, click on Ms. Woodside's Classroom Links below to get to the DVC Learning Styles Survey.

    Addition links are designed to provide additional support. A copy of the Student Safety Responsibilities and Safety Contract is one of the links.

Ms. Woodside's Classroom Links