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Mary Wertheimer Home Page
Mary Wertheimer
Mary, several years ago at Web Page training, note stress and wonder about HONK
Clark Montessori High School
Welcome to the Wertheimer's Home Page.

I initially set up this site to facilitate access to the Summer Homework Discussion Board

  • To access this Discussion Board, click on Discussion Board in the Left Navigator.
  • Click on your discussion board(11/12)
  • Register according to your directions if you haven't done so before.
  • When responding on the Discussion Board, please be sure to write in standard English. Avoid using spelling short-cuts or all uppercase or lowercase letters. Please punctuate and write complete thoughts. Remember this is an English class.

Hyperlinks will take you to informational sites such as the MLA Format.

There is a Calendar link on the Left Navigator so that you will be able to check assignments.