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Welcome! We're Here for You!

The mission of the Parent Mentor is to provide the necessary support and resources, free of charge, to families of children with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.

The Parent Mentor Program is based on the assumption that students with disabilities will be ensured an appropriate and meaningful education if parents and educators can communicate effectively and put into place the partnership planning required by Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).

Program Services include:
  • Guiding families through the special education process;
  • Helping families understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • Providing information and resources to families and the schools in regards to education law and district programming.
  • Engaging community services and other resources to support the school district and families;
  • Attending IEP meetings and other meetings at parent or staff request;
  • Listening and supporting families and the child's teachers on an individual basis;
  • Hosting information sessions or workshops for families and professionals;
  • Connecting families, schools, and community to benefit students with disabilities.

"Making the Difference...Together"

Contact us today-

For children Preschool through 5th grade:
Kathryn Hughes, MA, OT
District Parent Mentor
Department of Student Services
513.363.5323 Office
513.203.1535 Mobile

For children 6th through 12th grade (including deferred graduation):
Sandra L. Tolliver, M.Ed
District Parent Mentor
Department of Student Services
513.363.0178 Office
513.207.3234 Mobile