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This year I'm looking forward to a change. I will now be teaching 5th and 6th grade reading to all of the students at Fairview!!

This will be my 24th year teaching in Cincinnati. My goodness time sure does fly. I spent my first year teaching grade 2, my next two years teaching 6th grade and my last 20 years teaching the 3rd grade.

I began my career teaching in 1989. The following year I taught at Chase Elementary in Northside for seven years. I have now been at Fairview for sixteen wonderful years. I love absolutely everything about our school of "EXCELLENCE". I'm particularly impressed with our parent volunteers, the entire GEBAS organization and the superior teachers with whom I teach!

I have both my bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Cincinnati. GO BEARCATS !! My twins, now 12-soon to be 13, Logan and Annabell, whom both attended Fairview from kindergarten through sixth grade are now big 7th graders. They still thrive on the fact that they can speak more German than their Mom can and practice these skills often.

I am also active in our Presbyterian Church and enjoy helping others in our church community in the ways in which I am called. I am a certified scuba diver and love to spend relaxing dives, many feet below observing the beauty that is rarely seen by others. Along with diving, my other outdoor activities also include kayaking, gardening, boating and camping as often as possible. Our favorite camping and boating area is Cave Run Lake in Kentucky. It is so peaceful and relaxing.

I spend much of my free time making my own jewelry, but enjoy making it more to give to others. I also love to read mystery novels and books that help children with behavior problems, ADHD and Sensory Integration Issues. This expands my own knowledge of these misunderstood dynamics often diagnosed and misdiagnosed in children.

I am an active member in national humane animal organizations such as the ASPCA and support cheetah conservation (CCF) in Namibia, Africa.

Our classroom and home are filled with many animals. We have two cats, Tigger and Stormy, a hermit crab, two frogs; a tree frog and a chubby frog and also a crayfish.

I look forward to my summers and my free time; spending it with my twins and doing the unusual things we've not had the chance to do in years past--like flying in a Cessna to Sanibel Island just for lunch and to look for seashells, skiing and tubing on the lake, camping at Cave Run, biking the Continental Divide in Vail, Colorado,chilling in the Keys and sailing on Lake Erie. I feel I've truly been blessed both personally as well as professionally.

I spent two weeks of the summer (2007) in Namibia, Africa learning about the lifestyle of the people in Africa. Other topics discussed included inquiry teaching in our classrooms, predators in the environment and their relationship with humans, land conservation, the conservation of the cheetah and the relationship the cheetah has with the local farmers and their livestock. (Please check out my fabulous pictures from Africa !!)

Thank you for visiting my website.

Please take the time to swim (or hop) around! :)
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