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Welcome to my Home Page
Welcome to 4th grade math and science.

We are in for a lot of changes this year! We are working hard on learning the standards in order to be ready for the big OAA test in May! Please study your child's math facts in multiplication and division every night. Ask your child what great things we are learning daily in math so you can review the skills with them. We have homework every night in math!!!
Please check their assignments nightly in their assignment books and initial them nightly.

Science will be mostly hands on and hopefully a lot of fun.

My rules are pretty simple. I ask that they respect me and their fellow classmates. Only talk when it is their turn or they raise their hand. Please remain seated. Please bring all books, homework, and supplies with them to class every day!! That includes pencils!! Do their best work at all times.

Please feel free to contact me any time: my email address is or you can call Woodford school at 513-363-6400 ext.6442