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Welcome to Mrs. Schnieders' Science Class!
Mrs. Schnieders
Mrs. Schnieders
August 22, 2012

Dear Parents & students:

I would like to welcome you to my Chemistry, Physics, and/or Anatomy & Physiology class at Western Hills University High School. I am excited about teaching science this year and I would like to share some information about class goals and expectations with you.

My goal is to offer students the most up to date, exciting, hands-on program possible. I believe all students can learn science skills and concepts and do them well. I further believe that scientific knowledge can benefit everyone, in any walk of life. In fact, it is getting harder each year to live without such information. I intend to stress this belief with my students and I hope to be able to give them practical examples of the uses of science in their daily lives. I will work with your child to improve his/her awareness of the importance of scientific activities in the immediate and worldwide environment. In addition, I plan on emphasizing the importance of improving study skills both at home and in school. Finally, I hope to help your child become a responsible adult through the responsibilities learned in my classroom.

By the end of this course students will have learned the facts and principles of thier science course, as described in the Cincinnati Public Schools Curriculum. They should also have developed an understanding of the basic concepts underlying these facts and principles. They should develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that they will use not ony in chemistry, but also though out their everyday lives. Finally, they should refine their reading and language skills and their ability to successfully work as a member of a cooperative team and also to be able to work independently.

Learning in school is a three-fold partnership, which involves the parent, the teacher, and the student. However, it is the student who must take the final responsibility for his/her own learning. In order to make the best possible use of your studentís school year; I require certain behaviors and preparations. Please take a moment to examine the other materials your student has brought home. They include classroom/laboratory rules and requirements, grading policy, and supplies list. I encourage you to examine these periodically, along with your studentís notebook, to get a continuing view of your childís progress. I also encourage you to frequently visit my web site where you will find a syllabus for your child's science class as well as homework assignments and other timely information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at school 513-363-8700. You may also email me at:

Mary Ann Schnieders
science is cool from