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Geometry's Course Outline
Discovery Geometry Weblinks
Discovery Geometry Weblinks
Mrs O'Donnell Rowe
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Math is not magic, just patterns you can discover.
Welcome to the Mrs. Rowe's Geometry class for 2011-12.
You may reach me by voice mail @ 363-8554 or email at

This will be an exciting year at Walnut Hills, watching all the construction and the challenges of making it to my room in building D room 8400.

The district's GEOMETRY book purchase is FANTASTIC. The publishers started with the geometry book's development over 10 years ago, so it is well designed and PARENT FRIENDLY. The web materials provide for the parents will be very useful. The most important and frustrating part of the book is it doesn't have a list of theorems or definitions. It is IMPERATIVE for the students to keep up their NOTEBOOK. Parents, please ask your child weekly if they have all the notes from the week.

I believe in a hands on approach to learning and require critical thinking of my students. I want students to learn how to find mathematical patterns and solve multi-steps problems. The textbook the district has purchased supports this approach.

compass set
Target, math set with 2 compasses