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Welcome to my web page on Home Link.

I retired as the Computer Teacher at the end of 2003. I was the computer teacher at Mr. Washington for 10 years, but I had worked with students and computers in other buildings for a long time. Now I am back as the Technology Coordinator, which is only half of my previous assignment. I still help teachers and students, but I am not teaching in the computer lab all day every day. Instead, I maintain the many machines we now have in our building, keep the servers running, and do all kinds of technical odd jobs for everyone. I also create most and maintain all of the web pages on our school web site.

Most of what I know about computers I learned by using them and trying new things so I could teach them to others. I use both Windows and Macintosh machines, but my favorite computer is a Macintosh. I've forgotten most of the programming languages I once learned.

You can contact me at the school or by email.

Our school phone is 513-363-3800, and it's the best number to call if you wish to contact me. I can be anywhere in the building, and that way the Secretary can find me. I will do my best to answer any questions from parents, students or other teachers.
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