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Welcome to Room 10
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Welcome to our new Kilgour!
Room 2002 Third Grade Mathematics and Science
I am Ms. Marrs and I team teach with Mrs. Kroger across the hall. I really enjoy teaching children to love math and science. My room is a "show me" and "tell me" classroom. Students will interact with all kinds of problems and learn to use many strategies to solve them. My classroom is usually busy with math talk or science talk, as I encourage students to share their thinking and solutions with others. I have taught at Kilgour for many years and I look forward especially to this year with excitement. I anxiously anticipate the arrival of your children so I can proudly show them our new school environment. I hope this site will become a helpful resource for you and your child in regard to what is happening in our classroom. Our supply list for the 2008-2009 school year will be posted all year. Please feel free to contact me by calling my classroom at 513-363-3030 or via e-mail.