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Mrs. Christine Lynn

Welcome to Mrs.Lynn's Home Page !

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I will use this page to inform you of my expectations and to give you some ideas on how you can help your students to succeed.
First of all, it is very important for your student to arrive to class on time and ready to work. The first five (5) minutes of class are crucial to setting the tone of the class. The students will be given a list of procedures & expectations for those opening minutes of every class. Talking in class is counter- productive and very disruptive to the learning process. It is extremely important that your student listen carefully and pay close attention to the material presented during each class. It is crucial that he/she bring his/her Latin text,Latin noteboook, loose-leaf paper, writing utensils, and a folder to hold all the materials for/from Latin class. The daily homework assignment is to be copied down in your student's planner every day. Please be aware that I will post my weekly lesson plans as well as some of the hand-outs on my web page. Understand that some changes may be made to the lesson plans depending on the day's class.

Please help your student to study his/her vocabulary EVERY DAY!! Vocabulary is the backbone of language learning. Without the vocabulary, your student will become frustrated and fall behind very quickly. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of staying current with the vocabulary.

I expect the students to remain seated for the entire class and to keep any trash until the end of the class. I also expect the students to respect everyone in the class. Thank you for entrusting your student to me. My help night is Wednesday after school. Please feel free to contact me at WHHS (363-8400) or via E-mail; my address is I look forward to working with your student. With your support and the student's CONSISTENT effort, Latin should prove to be enjoyable and very valuable. Let's make this a great year.