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Mrs. Debbie Leimgruber, SLP
Woodford Paideia Speech and Language Services
As the Speech-Language Pathologist for Woodford Paideia Critical Thinking School I provide direct, consultative, diagnostic and intervention services for preschool through sixth grade students with identified or suspected communication impairments.

Communication impairments may fall into the following areas: articulation (sound system used in speech), voice (i.e. pitch too high/low, chronically harsh/hoarse voice), fluency/stuttering and language (understanding and use of oral, written or picture communication).

These impairments must have a significant impact on the student's academic performance in order to qualify for direct or consultative services of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

My work days and hours at Woodford Paideia Critical Thinking School are:

Monday 8:45AM-4:00PM
Tuesday 8:45AM-1:45PM
Wednesday 8:45AM-4:00PM

Phone:(513)363-6466 please leave a message
Fax:(513) 363-6420
E mail: