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WELCOME to my webpage!!
Junior High Happenings
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Hello everyone!
I hope you are all staying warm with this chilly weather we have been having!!
It is now midterm through quarter 3. The students are already looking forward to their spring field experiences, so we need your help keeping them on task as they finish out the quarter.

7th grade student led conferences were Monday 2/7. If you missed the opportunity, please call us --this was a required and GRADED assignment for the students.

Community service hours: Please remember that students need to earn 9 community service hours each quarter. It is part of their "Seminar" grade. This category is used to track all the Montessori components of our program; camping, SLC, community meetings, parent support, fundraising, etc. Please help them find ways to earn these hours.

Friday 2/12 - at school 7-10:30 pm.
attendance requires a signed permission slip and a ticket

Tues 2/15 the mosque
Wed 2/16 UC Tour
Thur 2/17 cathedral/temple
Fri 2/18 Drake Planetarium

My goal is to create a useful means of communication between the students, staff and parents. This site is a work in progress, so suggestions for items you would like to see here and help from webpage designers are always welcome.