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Student Awards
Le Cercle Français
Pronunciation practice
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37 Walnut students ranked NATIONALLY this year earning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as Laureat National Certificates on the 2015 National French Exam. 15 students earned Certificat d'Honneur. This is the highest number of national winners from a single teacher in Ohio.

23 Walnut students ranked NATIONALLY in the Top Ten Ranks on the 2014 National French Exam earning Medals and Laureat du Chapitre Awards and prizes. 7 students earned Certificats d'Honneur. 26 earned the Certificat de Réussite.

29 Walnut students ranked NATIONALLY in the Top Ten Ranks on the 2013 National French Exam earning Medals and Laureat du Chapitre Awards and prizes. 7 students earned Certificats d'Honneur and 19 Réussite.

23 students placed NATIONALLY in the Top Ten Ranks on the 2012 National French Exam! They earned medals, Laureat du Chapitre Awards, and prizes from the American Assoc. of Teachers of French. 19 additional students earned the Certificat d'Honneur.

Approximately 100,000 students participate in the Grand Concours each year.
French is one of the top three most important languages for business. (Bloomberg Report, 2011)

French is spoken in over 43 countries!

The French have a long history of leadership in areas such as biomedical research, engineering, and, of course, cuisine, arts and fashion.

Class speakers - Thank you to Mr. Keith Syler, Esq. for speaking with the AP, 3AA and 2AA classes about his six year experience working with an NGO in the West Africain country of Mali. Other class speakers have included French engineering students visiting at UC, French exchange students and returning American exchange students.

The last of the annual Cafe Francais celebrations took place in Spring of 2015. This was a pot-luck French food and music event held in the Forum of the school. Thanks to all who contributed their culinary talents!

* Update *
Thanks to my colleagues and my students for making these 13 years at Walnut Hills a most memorable teaching experience. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work at Walnut with young people of such talent and promise. What makes Walnut Hills unique is more than the academics. It is the energy of people from so many backgrounds assembled in one place for one purpose.
Thank you to the parents who have supported their students in their pursuit of an excellent education.
I wish my students great success in their future studies and endeavors and will be interested in receiving updates!

My activities:
Walnut Rotary Interact Service Club - This club was started in the Fall of 2015 with the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati and Rotarians Chris Pfetzer and Gretchen Pfinniff.
ACTFL:American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages
AATF: Amer. Association of Teachers of French
OFLA: Ohio Foreign Language Association
Martha Holden Jennings Scholar
Fund for Teachers Fellow
WHHS Technology Committee / Language Lab
2011-2014 World Languages Department, Chair
2002-2014 CPS Foreign Language Curriculum Council
Former adjunct instructor of ESL and of French.
Parent of three Walnut Hills H.S. alums.

Opportunity for learning critical languages
Summer language opportunity