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Second Grade
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Welcome to Mrs. Komiensky's Home Page
Room 103
Welcome to Mrs. Komiensky's home web page. I am excited to communicate with you this way.
I am a second grade teacher at Hartwell. I am sharing my classroom this year with Mrs. Todd. I recently had my fourth child (boy #4!!!) and have chosen to spend some extra time at home as a mommy. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from the classroom for good because I love to be a teacher. Sharing the classroom is a perfect way for me to enjoy the best of both worlds.
I teach on Mondays and Tuesdays and alternating Wednesdays. I will work full time when Mrs. Todd has her baby, sometime in late January or early February. Mrs. Todd and I communicate daily to share updates about our children and our progress in the day.
Feel free to call me at any time throughout the day at 363-2337. If you call during the regular school day, you will need to leave a message. You may also email me at