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4th Grade Supply List
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Classroom rules:
(1) Respect yourself, others, property, and the learning environment. (2) Be kind with your words and actions. (3) Listen carefully and follow directions the first time. (4) Be prepared for learning by bringing the tools you need for class. This includes portfolio, planner, and pencil. (5) Take care of all materials and keep your areas clean. (6) Stay on task, remain seated, and raise your hand for questions, requests, or comments (instead of talking out). (7) Observe all rules included in the student planner.

Classroom expectations:
Appropriate and respectful behavior is the only behavior accepted in the fourth grade. Students are expected to follow classroom rules, Kilgour’s school-wide expectations, and Cincinnati Public School’s District-wide Behavior Code of Conduct. In addition, students are expected to respect other students, Kilgour staff, parents, and volunteers.

Behavior/Color Code Points:
The Intermediate Color Code system is the same for all three grade levels and it is the policy used to enforce rules and expectations in the classroom and throughout the building. Each fourth grade class has a clip board to record earned points for student behavior based on the color system. The clip boards travel with students from room to room. Behavior points are recorded daily and accumulate quarterly for participation in school activities and field trips. Parents will be notified in the monthly newsletters of how many points students can earn to participate in a specific event. Communication of daily points and color day will be recorded by the students in their planners. If a student does not earn the required points, parent(s) must accompany their child on a field trip or school activity. Parent(s) will be required to stay the entire length of the trip or activity.

Color drops result in the loss of earned points and are based on the amount of verbal warnings given in one day to redirect inappropriate behavior. Students can receive a color drop from any Kilgour staff during the instructional day. It is the student’s responsibility to record in the behavior spiral notebook a written explanation of why their behavior was inappropriate for each color drop in a given day. Each day every student begins at green day (4 pts.). First warning drop color to yellow day (3 pts.). Second warning drop color to blue day (1 pt.). Third warning drop color to red day (0 pts.).

Red day results in the completion of a behavior referral form by a Teacher. Once a behavior referral has been issued, a student will be sent to In-School Suspension (ISS). Because the third color drop to red usually occurs near the end of the instructional day, consequences are carried out the next school day. Parents are contacted by the homeroom teacher and informed of the student’s behavior that resulted in a red day. If a student has received (3) red days within a quarter, they can not attend the good behavior assembly for that quarter. Rewards for good behavior are the following: attending school activities; special treats from teachers; acknowledgement during quarterly academic achievement assemblies; and popcorn, pizza, board game or movie day parties.

Daily Planners:
Plan books are a lifeline from school to home. It is required that students bring their planners to school and home daily, as well as to each classroom. Ample time will be given for students to record their daily homework assignments and other school related information. Students are expected to copy the exact wording of homework assignments in a legible handwriting. Daily “color code” will also be written in plan books. If a plan book is forgotten, misplaced, or lost, students can write homework assignments on a sheet of notebook paper. Students will be required to purchase a 2nd Kilgour planner if their planner is missing longer than one week. Plan books are also used as a communication tool from home to school. If a parent writes a note, please instruct your child to bring the note up to the teacher at the start of class, rather than at the end.

We encourage all students to attend school everyday, on time, unless they are suffering from a medical illness. All missing assignments must be made up in a reasonable amount of time, i.e. 1 day absent, 1 day to make up, 2 days absent, 2 days to make up after returning to school. Students are to take responsibility for their education and ask for their missed assignments. Assignments will be left in the office, if a student is absent more than 3 days.

Intermediate Department’s homework policy is the same for all three grade levels. Homework is assigned nightly and on some weekends. It is a reinforcement of the concepts taught in class. The allotted time for nightly homework typically should not exceed 90 minutes. There are exceptions when a project is due.

Homework is expected to be completed daily and turned in on time. Class work and homework must be written in pencil only. Any assignment written in marker, highlighter, gel pen, or red pen will not be accepted. The only time homework is accepted late is if there is an absence. Any assignment turned in with no name will receive a zero.

Students receive points for completion of homework, and it is reviewed and checked in class. During the first quarter, Fourth graders are allowed to become acclimated to the Intermediate Department’s homework policy. After the first quarter, incomplete homework is not accepted late.

Extra Credit:
There is no “extra credit” in our classes. To earn the best grade possible, complete class work, homework and projects on time.

Projects are a part of the learning process at Kilgour Elementary. All projects will include directions, a timeline for completion, grading expectations and a scoring guide. This will allow students to organize their time to complete the project and earn the best score possible. Since students will be given ample time to complete their projects, late projects will not be accepted unless there is an absence on the due date. It will then be expected on the day the student returns to school.

Grades and Graded Papers:
Students will receive quarterly mid-term and end-term report cards. In addition, Teachers will also print out a progress report which gives details such as specific tasks and missing assignments at mid-term and end-term. Graded papers will be sent home in the Tuesday envelope. Assigned grades are A, B, C, D, or F. Grades can be weighted based on categories of class work, homework, projects, quizzes and tests. Some project grades reflect scores of 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0. Grades can also be recorded as fractions: Number correct
Total # of questions
Teachers are available individually and as a team to schedule conferences to discuss with parents about a specific student’s needs, grades or progress. Please email or call us in advance to set up a conference time to discuss any concerns about assignments or progress. Keep in mind that instruction and planning time is valuable. Therefore, we will be unavailable to conference or take phone calls during the instructional day. Unannounced or unplanned visits are also discouraged. Our contact information is the following: Mrs. Bronson (; 363-3036); Mrs. Johnson (; 363-3035); and Ms. Kavanaugh (; 363-3066). Please allow us at least 48 working hours to respond.