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Are you curious about how things work? Do you want to know why things are as they are in the Universe. Do you want to know about yourself? Then you are interested Science.

The Sciences are the fields of knowledge, where we attempt to define and understand our universe and ourselves.

This school year we will learn about the five main fields of science.

Biology- is the study of life and living systems and their interactions, you will learn about ecology, genetics, and Biology in this course. We will grow living organisms and attempt to modify the species to learn about evolution. We will disect a fetal pig in class to learn of the inner structure of the body.

Earth Science- is the study of the earth and its changing patterns from Geology to Weather (Meteorology,) and environmental sciences. The class will experiment with Very cold items and see how water and air flow change with temperatures.

Chemistry - Is the study of the natural elements and their components, in this class we will mix safe compounds and create useful items to learn how and how they can be used to benefit all.

Physics - Is the study of the laws of energy, gravity, and motion that control and explain the universe. We will build structures, and do physical experiments in class to learn of Newtons Laws and Gravity.

Astronomy - is the study of the universe beyond our world from planets to galaxies to quasars. The class will log on to large observatories and will be able to view what they are seeing, and we will track the orbit of the planets.