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Fun Web Sites for Children and Parents
Math Grade 4
Math Grade 5
Math Grade 6
Help with Math Concepts
Escape from Warsaw Unit
English, Literature, and Language Web Sites
English/Literature Mrs. Dixon
Literature Elements
Boy reading
Indulging Into Literature
A power point presentation of literature elements is provided to help the student understand conflict, theme, mood, plot, climax, protagonist, antagonist,and other terms. Use this guide to help you improve your reading comrehension.
Vocabulary for Escape from Warsaw Ch. 1-5
Girl Reading
Reading Expands the MInd
This document provides the student with the vocabulary words for Chapter 1-5 from Escape from Warsaw. Group 1 can view these words from home. Assignment in class was for the student to write the definition and the sentence from the book for each word. Page numbers have been provided to help you locate the sentence in the novel.
Activities Chapter 1 Escape From Warsaw
Getting in the Swing
Experience the Excitement of Reading
Students and Teachers: Take a look at the first activites required for Chapter one. Learn about the characters and answer questions to improve your comprehension. Teachers: Mrs. Dixon and I have not been able to find activities for this Novel. Feel free to use the lessons on this book. I'll add more as we progress through the novel.
Escape From Warsaw Essay Questions
Take the Goods Train
Take time to challenge yourself and study some possible essay questions on your next test. Remember to develop each question well.
Escape from Warsaw Test Part 2
Cartoon Kid
Which questions will be on the test?
Use this test to jog the memory on characters and events that occurred in the novel. Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge.
Study Guide for Escape From Warsaw Ch. 1-6
Green 7th Grade
Read and enjoy
Do you need extra help to studying for your test in the novel, Ecsape from Warsaw? Here's a vocabulary review plus possible questions for the test.
Study Guide Questions for 'The Outsiders'
Bookworm and books
Be a Bookworm!
Study Guide questions for Chapters 1-12.
The Outsiders' Project and Rubric
Getting in the Swing
Read your Rubric!
Do you really know how your projects are assest? Review the rubric to help yourunderstand how you can achieve an 'A'.
Read and find out the Guidelines for the three Outsiders' Projects.
Vocabulary Words For Outsiders Chapter 1-12
Two Guys Talking
Share the gift of gab!
Each student is responsible for writing the sentence from the Outsiders book that contains the vocabulary word. Then rite the vocabulary word's definition.
The Outsiders Homework
Practice to be Successful!
Research Link Grade 6/8
Link your research
Use this link to help grades 6 and 8 to fins internet web sites for your research project.
Remember your paper is due April 2, 2010.
Your paper needs to be typed double space, use a 12 or 14 font. Include a title page and a bibliography for your paper. if you have any questions ask Mrs. Dixon