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Picture of Mrs. Fisher-Jackson Health Technology: Nutrition and Health Foundations
MyPyramid demonstrates how to EAT RIGHT!
Welcome, Woodward Career Technical High School, Parents, Students and Friends! This year will sure to be exciting for the students, and the staff! Use the MyPyramid link to look ahead at some of the nutrition activities that will be done in class!

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Mrs. Fisher-Jackson and I have been teaching at Woodward Career Technical High School since 2003. I graduated from Woodward High in 1988. Currently, I am a practicing Registered Dietitian, and a Licensed Career Tech Educator.

Please take time to review the links that are on my page.

If you need to contact me please send me an email: or call (513) 363-9343

We have exciting events planned for the school year!
Remember, the First day of school: August 18, 2009

links FIT DAY- Evaluating your Personal Health
FIT DAY! is a FREE website designed to help you determine much food and exercise are needed to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or gain weight!

This website will be used in the Nutrition classes and Health Occupations! This site can be accessed from school, home, or the public library!

Try this program out and let me know what you think!