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Julie Faller
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Gifted Education
At Dater Montessori, the Gifted Program is called EAGLES. It stands for Excelling Academic Gifted Leaders Enhancing Skills. The program started in the 2002-2003 school year, and the students in the program voted to make EAGLES its name.

Mrs. Faller has been the Gifted/Talented teacher since EAGLES began. She worked as a .6 Gifted teacher in 2002-03 (21 hours each week). In the 2003-04 year, her position became a .8 (28 hours each week). ILT agreed to let the position be 1.0 (full time) for the 2004-05 on August 23, 2004. At the start of the school year, 74 students were identified as Gifted at Dater Montessori.