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NASP Archery in Schools Program
Winter Break Scuba Trip to Florida
Kayak Club
Scuba Club
ping pong
Table Tennis Lesson, I modified this unit by using folding tables and posterboard nets
Hi, I am your childs physical education teacher at Walnut Hills High School.

I have been teaching physical education in the Cincinnati Public school system for twenty nine years.
I am a lead teacher and have a masters degree in education.


This school year is a continuation of some new individual and team sports in P.E. Class. First and second semester students will participate in the Physical Best Program. This program allows students to see how they do on five standardized tests. Sit and reach,trunk lift, curl-ups, P.A.C.E.R., and push-ups.Students will maintain and improve their fitness level by participating in station/circuit training every Tuesday and Thursday. Students who participate in Physical Best will receive a Fitnessgram detailing how they did and how they can maintain or improve their scores. Please see the Physical Best Powerpoint below for more information.
Some new sports this year are Rookie Rugby, Speedminton, and Global Ball,In School Bowling Program,corn-hole,disc golf, fitness activities along with some activities that were included last year such as yoga, field hockey, table tennis and the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart.This year Jump Rope for Heart will be held on November 18th and May 4th.

I am also host to two clubs at Walnut,the Scuba Club and the Kayak Club please see the side bar for more information.

If you need to contact me:
Physical Best.ppt
Recreational Games Unit, includes Disc Golf, Baggo, Bocce, Bowling and Table Tennis
This unit fits into the recreational sports unit along with Bowling, Table-Tennis, Bocce Ball, Disc Golf and Badminton.
Students will be able to apply their knowledge of the sport in leisure time activities through-out their lives.
Circuit training every Tuesday and Thursday, working on the five components of physical fitness
Tuesday and Thursday Circuit Training to Music
Students complete as many of the stations as possible in the required amount of time while cooperating in a group as well as practicing and improving on their their skills for the Physical Best Fitnessgram.
bowling redo2
In-School Bowling Unit
In-School Bowling
Students demonstrate the suitcase grip -emphasize straight wrist delivery, pendulum swing -handshake release,and follow through. They work on bowling approach push, step, swing and roll with emphasis on step and swing with the ball and boundaries. They also work on familiarizing themselves with spot, line area and pin bowling.