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Here are the lyrics to my Algebra Songs
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Algebra Songs Vol 1
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Adding Signed Numbers
By Susan Cantey

When adding signed numbers,
Think of it as cash,
Negative, you owe someone,
Positive, you have,
The answer is the balance
Ahead or behind,
Youíre in the black when youíre positive,
Redís the other kind.

Positive plus positive is always positive,
Negative plus negative is always negative,
But when youíre adding one of each,
Do yourself a favor,
Subtract their magnitudes
And keep the sign of the one thatís ďgreater.Ē

When adding signed numbers,
Never get uptight,
Negative moves left,
Positive moves right,
Always start at zero,
Then take one step at a time,
Youíre standing on the answer,
When you walk the number line.


8 + -6 is 2,
Cause 8 has the greater magnitude,
-9 + 5 Ďs -4,
Cause between the two, 9 is more,
-5 + 2 Ďs -3,
It quite elementary.

Some people only like
To memorize the rules,
But in my opinion,
Rules are rather cruel,
If you use a model
That makes some sense to you,
Then youíll be the master
Of signed numbers when youíre through.

Volume 2 - bring a blank CD to Mrs. Cantey!
Algebra Songs Vol 2
The Mistake Everybody Makes
by Susan Cantey

When distributing a negative, it becomes imperative
To apply the sign to everything inside,
Parentheses may mesmerize, but youíve got to realize
The negative applies to everything inside.
Often itís forgotten and it messes up the problem,
The mistake everybody makes.

Donít you do it, donít you do it,
Donít you do it, donít you do it,
Unh Uh! Unh Uh!
Donít you do it, donít you do it,
Donít you do it, donít you do it,
Unh Uh! Unh Uh!

Negative five times the quantity 2x + 3y
Equals negative 10x minus 15y,
Negative 2 times the quantity x Ė y,
Equals negative 2x plus 2y,
Change all the signs,
Parentheses is why,
Youíll remember if you try,
Donít make your teacher cry.


When you see a negative sign,
In front of an expression,
Tell yourself youíll distribute it,
ĎCause itís just like a negative one.

Thereís a list of lotsa kids, yeah, you know what they did,
More than once in their lives, they kind of lost their minds,
Ben and Jen, Nate and Kate, Bobby, Freddy, they donít rate,
Dave and Jane, Little Wayne; in the sun and in the rain,
Why does every one forget to change the middle sign?
Youíve done it, Iíve done it,
Happens all the time,


(repeat first verse)