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Dr. Eric E. Brock's Home Page
Dr. Brock

I teach AA Honors Chemistry and regular Chemistry as well as the Introduction to Engineering course at Walnut Hills High School to sophomores, juniors and seniors. I have also taught, in past years, biology, physics and computer literacy, environmental science and AP Chemistry.

My Introduction to Engineering course is team taught with Ms. Cotton. Students taking this couse may earn college credit hours at OSU or UC. Please visit the Intro to Eng web page.

To see homework and labwork or other files of what we are studying in Honors AA-Chemistry or regular A-Chemistry click

I supervise the Astronomy Club with Mr. Lovaglio.

I also supervise the Backpacking Club with Mr. Wilger, Ms. Helbig, and Mr. Schnure.

I have been a teacher in CPS since 1998. Before joining the Walnut team, I taught for ten years at Clark Montessori High School. Before I became a chemistry teacher, I was a teaching and reseach assistant at the University of Michigan. Go Wolverines!

I live in Pleasant Ridge with my wife and two sons.

To contact me:
Home phone number: (513) 531-2533 (DON'T CALL AFTER 9 PM, but please don't be afraid to call.)

School phone number-direct line to my classroom: (513) 363-8477 (I will pick up this line before I start teaching from about 7 AM to 8:20 AM.

You may also call my teacher office number: (513) 363-8611 and leave a message (I also might pick up depending on my school schedule).

Walnut Hills phone number-main office: (513) 363-8477