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Ronnie X Black ~ Bond Hill Academy Desk top and Blackboard

AIR Science Test Pratice
AIR 2015 Science Practice Test
AIR Test PrepSuper Saturday
BHA Dress code - Dress for Success
BHA Start of School Letter
Bond Hill Academy Intermediate School
Cincinnati Public Schools
English Language Arts Tutor
Homecoming 2016
Math Pratice Khan Academy
My Tomorrow
ODE Test Practice
Reading & Writing
Ronnie X Black, M.Ed. - Philosophy of grading:
The Classroom and the Court
The Solar System
ThinkCentral Practice Preparation ScienceFusion & Journeys
Thinking Tool Depth of Knowledge (DoK)
Tools of Technology Classroom Engagement 2015-2016
Why Study History
Welcome to Bond Hill Academy (BHA) Intermediate School
Desk top and Blackboard Testing
Test Practice
Students and Families, Welcome to Bond Hill Academy Intermediate School, Where Leaders are Developed!

Our keys to success began with:

Be Here!
Be Ready!
Be Responsible!
Be Respectful!

1510 California Avenue- this is our new building, view pictures at the Cincinnati Public Schools website by selecting schools, then Bond Hill Academy, click on the building button.


Ronnie X Black, M.Ed.

Contact, phone: 363-7900

Mr. Black - Social Studies, Science
Ms. Bell - Math
Mrs. Gay - English Language Arts,
Nafisah Abdul-Rahim - Intervention Specialists

This year in citizenship and science class students will explore people, places, events and concepts while surveying natural and human factors of interaction within the worlds we live. Students will engage in critical thinking as they work to meet the Ohio State Academic Standards imbued with the national Common Core Academic Content Standards. Parents are encouraged to dialog with students about her or his learning.

Our goal is to develop leaders through being MYRA-
Mature Responsible Young Adolescence; & to always
E A T P I E, think:
Education Attitude & Time - People Intelligently Engaged.

Bond Hill Academy: Developing Leaders for Life!

New Bond Hill Academy Bond Hill Academy
New School Page Built 2009
Welcome Your Presences

Backpack Dress Code Policy
Dress Code Policy
Research support that students who follow school rules gain the most benefit from their schooling experience. It is extremely important for each student to participate in Bond Hill Academy's program to build a positive school culture where every student can learn and meet the national Common Core Academic Content Standards to better prepare for life.

Bookworm and books Need to Succeed
Need to Succeed
Research has shown intermediate school to be a pivotal time in the academic, social, and personal development in students' lives; success in high school, college, and the work place depends on achievement and development at this foundational level in the schooling/ learning process.

Apple holding ruler Intermediate School Math tutor
Math-Play for Pre-Algebra
Foundational Algebric Development and Advancement for 21st Century Scholars

Pratice with fun at

Basketball Basketball Concepts for classroom support

Our program is an extra-curriculum activity design to introduce to some and support others in their organized sports pursuit. Bond Hill Academy's extra-curriculum programs serve to support what is needed and transferable into the curriculum program of our school as we teach and students learn and develop into community and world leaders.

Melting floppy disk Interactive Website
Interactive website Ancient History
Honors History and Critical Thinking for Systemic Change

Interactive websites try:

3.) Test Practice: see left menue and center speciality
4.) While at home students are able to log onto an
assortment of learning sites that are used at school.
Students have learnt these sites and their user names
and passwords.

ABC in Script Upper Intermediate Grade Writing
Owl Perdue University Writing Lab
Students are encouraged to keep a journal and to engage in daily writing. Daily writing reflections of learning and data entry are important in building a sound knowledge base needed for critical thinking Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning activities. BHA Scholars will develop 21st Century skills and demonstrate these skills through Performance Based Assessments.

ABC Board Testing
Testing Practice

Beaker and test tubes Inquiry Science
Interactive science learning tutor
Scientific Inquiry & Solutions
applied for today's evolving world;
from: Science and Technology Concepts

Lightbulb Leadership Development
Bond Hill Academy
"Where Leaders are Developed!"
Building learning to address a myriad of
opportunties now and in the future.

We are MRYA: Mature Responsible Young Adolescence

Open Book Reading & Writing
Teaching that make sense
Reading & Writing Comprehension Tutor Assistance
BHA Scholars focus on successfull application of reading and writing skills across the curriculums of language arts, math, science, and social studies (history).

History and Covered Wagon American History
American History Tutor
Honors History and Critical Thinking for Systemic Change

1.) is available for all subjects
A.)#8 Political Structure: Maya Aztec Inca
B.) Ancient Americans: The Mayas & Aztecs

Homework Parent Announcement
Parent Announcement

Math is Radical Khan Academy Practice
Math Concepts
The more one practices, the greater the learning. These are interactive visual illustrations using best practices and have a proven tract record for success in student learning, by the way they are fun for the whole family. ENJOY!!!

New Bond Hill Academy Math Patrice
Math Pratice
Math practice for strengthing you skills.
Use paper and pencil to work along with the tutorial.

pencil Science Pratice Test
Students will gain academic knowledge as well as acquirer manipulation skills in navigating the on-line test. 2015 grade 5 will take the science test on-line and English Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies paper and pencil.