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Not being particularly tech savvy, this is my attempt to have contact with those who prefer virtual contact. I will post information concerning class activities, projects, field trips and important assignments on a regular basis. Please be patient with any incomplete or pages as I am learning as doing

Science in the seventh and eighth grade is focused on inquiry learning. This requires a student to participate in labs and work in cooperative groups. Students need to formulate questions, construct hypothesis, design and implement experiments, collect data and draw conclusions. These tasks require self-motivation and self-discipline.

For day-to-day assessment of your child's progress check his or her science notebook. Daily notes and work are kept in the notebook and are expected to be reviewed each night at home. All students are given and expected to keep a school planner. Homework and unfinished classwork should be recorded by the student. Please check this daily.

To contact me:
Phone 363-7838 calls directly to voice mail during school hours 7:00-3:00