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Hola a todos! Here is me again. This school year is going to be the best. I am very excited about my classes. I am going to be teaching Spanish 2, 2AA and AP. It will be a challenge for me because I have wonderful students in each one of my classes. I love to be challenged, for that reason, everybody needs to speak Spanish. I do not accept excuses. If you are in a Foreign language class, you need to speak the target language. As you know Spanish is the second language in the United States. You are learning a very important language for the 21st Century. Spanish will open doors to you for communication and cultural awarness. Spanish is fun, but do not forget that "fun comes from learning."
I promise you a wonderful school year, but you need to promise yourself to be a good learner. I am not promising you flowers, only hard work. When the mission be accomplished, we will smell the aroma of the roses. If you need to communicate with me, please do so at:

(513)363-8532 or email me at: