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Information for Parents
Homework Information
Welcome to Ms. Jenni's Class!
Maria Montessori
May has arrived and OAA testing has been completed! We are still quite busy learning new concepts and practicing others that we have learned this year.

May is filled with many events here at school, and at home many of your children are busy and involved with activities. Due to this, the only homework due in May is the reading log - 20 minutes per day. This information should be recorded by children in the homework journal and turned in on regular homework day through the end of the school year.

Weekly reports will cease being sent this month. Please check on PowerSchool for updated grades. Grades are entered at least every 2nd week (usually every week).

We are still in need of about 10 flat sheets if you have any used ones to donate. Clean, used flat sheets can be used to cover our shelves at the close of the school year, rather than using paper. Help us go green!

Please feel free to contact me -
by email:
by phone: 363-0954